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Friday, July 06, 2007

Reverse Angle Parking Frightens Locals

If you live in Hampden or you like to frequent our Williamsburg (R2V,) you know about the reverse angle parking on Chestnut. The change from parallel parking to reverse angle parking vastly improved the number of spots available on the street, and it required a simple repainting of guidelines and a few signs. Who could be against this? There's already street parking--reverse angle parking just maximizes the space available. The new "pay box" system on the Avenue is another great example of maximizing space without resorting to major construction. Removing meters means that cars fit as they are able, rather than having to adhere to readymade spots that may offer more room than needed for let's say. . . a new Beetle.

These improvements to the parking situation in Hampden (which, if you look at other similar neighborhoods in other cities, is frankly not horrific) make good sense. They maximize existing space without having to build anything. Everybody hates parking garages and lots, and this is a solution that helps avoid (or least postpone) those options.

So can someone please explain the reason (and veracity, if any) behind this rumor: that the residents of Roland Avenue are joining together to stop reverse angle parking on their street because a certain business won't let residents use its lot for free? (This business, FYI, fills its lot almost daily and already shares its parking with other businesses.)



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