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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Form is Lucky

Filpping through magazines this morning at the salon, I stumbled upon Hampden's own Form featured in the July 2007 issue of Lucky. The short paragraph and photo bemoaned the previous dearth of upscale clothing boutiques in Baltimore and heralded the arrival of Form as a good sign of things to come. (I guess we all just lived in our own filth until the gentrification finally shot pixie dust through Hampden's soul.)

Then there's this about Form from the Savvy Shopper in the July/August issue of Style: "As Aimee wrapped Savvy’s purchases, a darlingly dressed thirty-ish gal who had just found the perfect thing to wear to an upcoming wedding uttered something that almost had Savvy in tears, 'I came down from New York to shop here.'"

This is hilarious to me because so many of my New York friends come to Hampden every year PRECISELY to shop. I guess Sav isn't talking about my friends. I think she means New Yorkers with REAL money, and I've always been a little bit scared of Form. I just have a feeling that I'm not the right kind of clientele for such a place.

Then, there's this guy's experience at the shop.

You may want to buy a $350 dress or you may just want to watch Gladiator or you may just want a "womb of comfort." You can do it all at Form! (Then, you walk home and have to call 911 on your neighbors.)

That won me over. Seriously. Go upscale boutique, go!


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