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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random Brief News Round-Up

1. The dining room at Dogwood is now officially reopened, and Elizabeth Large from The Sun has some tips--including the one that Dogwood is one of the few restaurants in Hampden to have its own parking.

2. This story in The Guardian UK a few days ago makes me sad. Oh, Fat Elvis, we still mourn your loss! However, the author's take on Hampden is refreshingly uncondescending: The Avenue "looks not dissimilar to main street in any number of small American towns," but Hampden's defining feature is that "the biggest crime you could commit here is to be boring." I'm cool with that assessment, Eddi Fiegel.

3. Hampden resident Thomas Spande lands art show in his own neighborhood.

4. News flash! Hampden has vintage shops!

It's a slow week, Hampdenites. Get out there and get gossip worthy!


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