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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Roosevelt Park Auditorium News Round-Up

So this is totally old news now, but still of interest. Apparently the highly costly renovations of the auditorium at Roosevelt Park Rec Center have been a mess. $1.3 million and the air conditioning & heating don't work, the ceiling's falling in and there's flooding in the basement. And that's just A FEW of the problems. Apparently there was a even a break-in just days after the renovations were complete because there was improper weatherstripping on one of the windows & it was easy to get in. However, the intruders only played video games and ate some food, so they weren't ALL bad.

I first read about this in "Hampden Happenings;" it was in The Sun Sunday and now The Messenger. (Please note The Messenger link won't last forever.)

The good news is that The Sun reported yesterday that repairs will begin this week.


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