Hampden Hawker: If you're a Northern cop, please plan to be in Hampden Wednesday morning.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

If you're a Northern cop, please plan to be in Hampden Wednesday morning.

So Hampden has recently been targeted for new (selective) enforcement of loitering laws. Some folks have spoken out on this issue--not necessarily criticizing the loitering law itself, but rather, questioning the populations targeted by the new enforcement. Of particular concern is the real loitering problem in Hampden that still is not being addressed, and the police's continued message that they don't have the people-power to beef up presence around the holidays, at neighborhood street fairs, in response to the recent crime wave, etc.

Everyone knows that there have been EIGHT recent Hampden business break-ins, right?

Don't misinterpret here: Hawker does not disrespect the police. Police officers have the hardest jobs in Baltimore. However, we should be able to talk openly about community issues.

Well, apparently, during First Friday two nights ago, several Hampden establishments were treated to surprise health inspections! Hawker understands (and totally supports!) health inspections, but I understand from a reliable source that inspections on a Friday night and having inspectors accompanied by police is quite unusual (and was intimidating to many business owners.)

Let's hope there are some city and police representatives at the Hampden Village Merchants Association meeting this Wednesday. All key folks have been invited (or are welcome to send representatives.) It seems like honest and direct communication is needed here in order to balance police and community concerns.


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