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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Battle Lines Drawn

In today's Sun, there's a front page (below the fold) article about Hampdenite Joy Sushinsky. She's trying to curtail the open-air drug trade and general bad behavior perpetrated by some of Hampden's toughest young people on Elm Ave.

Analysis from the police:

"Sushinsky, who has kept a meticulous log of events on her street, including a "bloody street fight" April 2, said she was told by police that with all the crime in Baltimore's Northern District, enforcing the ban on drinking by minors "is not necessarily" a top priority."

"Hampden is one of lowest-crime neighborhoods in the city," said Doug Gibson, the police community liaison officer for the district. "These are some of the tough neighborhood kids. They're not Bloods and Crips who have parachuted in from Los Angeles. Some of these kids, they're the second or third generation that's into substance abuse. Our officers know some of their parents well, and their grandparents. The parents are not functional, and their aunts and uncles are overwhelmed trying to keep them out of foster care."

There's a call for organizing a neighborhood watch in the comments . There's also some disturbing advice for Sushinsky: "Keep your head down, your gaze averted and mind your own business and no one will bother you." Since when is caring about your neighborhood and not wanting things blown up, destroyed or broken into something to be condemned?


At 4:18 PM, Blogger lala_lisa said...

ack I should know better than to read the comments on a Sun article. "want a bees"

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Lynda D said...

hey, my car was mentioned! :-)


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