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Friday, June 13, 2008

Home Break-In: Hampden Style

A fellow Hampdenite had her house broken into yesterday. This sucks. Having your home broken into sucks no matter how much or how little the dirtbags take. The feeling that you're not safe inside your own home takes a while to shake--Hawker knows--and a home break-in is kind of a supreme violation of the social contract informally created by communities.

But this is the crazy thing. The robbers took only the following:

1) 7 (seven) cans of Natty Boh
2) a weed whacker

They left everything of value, including computers, TV, DVD player, etc.

AND they left behind a pair of pliers and a Big Gulp cup, which were dusted for prints and DNA.

Here's to that Natty Boh skunking on those clowns.


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