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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Car on Fire!

Hawker was leaving the Golden West yesterday and was greeted by a car on fire! (The only one who seemed happy about this was the little boy next to me who got to see firefighters in action.)

The fire seemed strange. It clearly SEEMED to be originating from under the car, but whether it was (and I don't really want to start a rumor here) arson or some sort of flammable fluid on the street was hard to see. A tipster reported that he saw a bundle of sticks under the car, but whether that was just trash already there when the car parked is impossible for Hawker to say.

My favorite thing that happened though was that before the prompt arrival from the fire department, there was a guy who tried to put out the fire with a single cup of water.

The Fire Department was on the scene promptly & put out the fire quickly and efficiently, FYI, and no one from the family who owned the car was injured in any way.


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