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Thursday, July 19, 2007

After-5 Coffeeshop Needs Soon to be Fulfilled!

Here's a common discussion: What new business does Hampden need?

This topic comes up every few months, and a year or so ago, the answer was pretty much the same: one more restaurant, bar or coffee shop. It wasn't that we didn't like what we had, we just wanted more choices. Enter: Rocket to Venus. Enter: Dogwood Deli. Enter. . .

El Rancho Grande!

(Which must be said slowiy, in a deep voice, with a rising inflection if you dare speak its name.)

A Hawker tipster advises that it looks to be "an afternoon-late in the evening type of hangout."

Pluses include backyard sitting and its proximity to Hawker's crib.

Oh, and it's on MySpace (where I swiped the photo), so it's down with the kids.

El Rancho Grande loves Good and Plenty, and he would like to meet the Clash.

Considering Common Ground is only open until 5 p.m. everyday, El Rancho Grande could be a hit.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


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