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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hawker's 9/11 Primary Endorsements

Like I said, yesterday, Hawker endorses voting!

So if you are eligible (and the thing about primaries is that you have to be registered for a particular party--the system does not favor independents,) get out there!

I just heard on WYPR that in the 13th district, only 45 people have voted so far: FORTY-FIVE PEOPLE. If you think your vote doesn't matter today, chew on that.

Hampden is split between the 7th & 14th district for City Council, FYI. Whoever wins in the 7th, the first thing I'm going to do is call them to complain about the uselessness of the city council website.

Swiped from The Shank is a great link to a story from Baltimore City Paper with a candidate questionnaire if you're still undecided.

The Shank's endorsements are here.

I'm on my way to the polls shortly.


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