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Friday, October 05, 2007

Follow-Up: The "Body"

I received this in my inbox today:

"Hi... I happen to be the guy who drove by at 7:00am on my my way to the Common Ground. And there sure was a gray haired neatly dressed (not one of the indigenous peoples of Hampden) male with a bad head wound laying in a pool of blood, very pale with a couple of bystanders and an officer standing over him and the sound of sirens from an ambulance approaching. I really don't know what happened but I do hear that there is a sort of drug war going on in the hood (gangs and such!) . I don't really know why nothing has been reported about this. But I did see this and I'm sure it wasn't good!!"

Let's just say that his email address and a little research supports him as a fairly credible witness.

Hawker would like to say that being found the victim (in whatever sense) of a bloody head wound on The Avenue in Hampden is horrific, and let's hope that the body (who appears to be a grown man) is recovering.


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