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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hampden in USA Today

USA Today featured The Miracle on 34th Street as one of "10 Great Places to Plug into the Christmas Spirit" this week. Here's the little something about Hampden's Baby New Year:

"The Hosiers; Baltimore

Bob Hosier fell in love with decorating as a child when "the old lady" across the street draped her house in lights and played Christmas music on her porch Victrola. Bob then married into a family that loved Christmas as much as his own family, and moved into his wife Darlene's childhood home in Baltimore, which his father-in-law had been decorating since 1947. Bob got neighborly and swagged the lights back and forth across the street, sparking a tradition. "The block looks like Santa's sleigh flew in from the southwest and skidded down the rooftops, spilling Christmas about," Littlefield says. Address: 726 W. 34th St., Baltimore."


At 11:43 PM, Blogger danielle said...

Someone showed me that The Miracle on 34th Street is also mentioned in this month's Maxim magazine! although the caption said something a bit more snarky like "everyone who's not getting murdered enjoys the lights on 34th St."


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