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Friday, April 18, 2008

Somewhere to Amble on this 80 Degree Day

Hawker loves it when folks come visit her in Hampden--they usually think that Baltimore is just the Inner Harbor and are shocked at Smalltimore's real treasures. Yesterday, a couple of her cousins were in town and Hampden charmed the socks off them. Hampden highlights of their visit included brunch at The Golden West (Is there anybody that doesn't love their pancakes?), a stop at Atomic Books, and New System Bakery doughnuts before their send-off this morning. (Oh, and unrelated to Hampden, but still noteworthy, the O's won last night in a come-back highlighted by PERFECT baseball weather.)

The best, best Hampden highlight though was actually visiting the Jones Falls of Falls Road. I had heard about a little observation deck down Falls Road after it dips under I-83, but I'd never been there. (This deck, of course, is courtesy of a Rouse.) But going south, just before the salt truck loading docks is a little sign on your right and a path leading down to the falls. It's lovely and peaceful and you can't believe that you are smack dab in the middle of the city.

Patty Boh on Flickr has a photo narrative of this spot, but on a beautiful day like today, why not check out the falls in person?



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