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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hampden's gone quiet.

It's quiet in Hampden. Too quiet.

There was this here, but making a case that it was Hampden news would be iffy at best, and I'm not ready to open up a mayoral race can of worms here on liberal-minded Hawker.

Last night at the Hon Bar, with the exception of two random single dudes who came in motivated by what appeared to the be the classic "mean thirst from a hard day of doing nothin' much at all," my girlfriends and I were just about the only patrons. There was the couple looking for coffee (El Rancho Grande, we need you!) and Johnny Zebra. That was it.

At one point, flashing lights (from the street outside) started bouncing off the walls. The bartenders and I ran out to see what was up. From the best we could gather, someone pulled an alarm at Royal Farms, but except for the fact that the place was crawling with cops and there was a giant fire truck outside on Roland, folks were still shopping for cigarettes, Gatorade, Listerine Breath Strips and trashy magazines.

I would like to nominate the Hon Bar bartenders as woefully underrated. I love them. They asked after my infamous "key loss freakout" and they made bottled beer taste like draft.

That is all.


At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monday nights aren't exactly the big night out for most people.

At 3:36 PM, Blogger shutupproust said...

I used to live on the same block as Keiffer. He makes really good jambalaya.

I think the Hon Bar should get nominated as the most stealthily Frazierish bar in the 'hood. I mean, R2V and Frijoles and, of course, Frazier's itself, you expect to never be able to leave. The Hon Bar? It always seems so harmless until much, much too late.


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