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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hawker Rises

Hawker readers, I've let you down. I disappeared without a peep for weeks.

I offer no excuses, just an apology and a promise that I won't do it again. Let me buy you flowers, take you to a nice dinner and soothe you with my vows to change.

Here's the future of Hawker:

--One post each weekday (minimum)
--Guest columnists when I vacate

There's always the Hampden Hollerer who could step up. (The Hampden Hollerer is the gossip source where the preferred form of communication is leaning out the window and yelling to passing cars. So if you see a smiling woman in a slip leaning out of a second-story window as you drive through one particular alley of Hampden, and she yells down to you "KITCHEN AT ROCKET TO VENUS IS CLOSED THROUGH SATURDAY!" you'll know who you've encountered.)

A real Hawker update to come later. I PROMISE, sweetie!


At 9:42 PM, Anonymous the Hollarer said...

HEEEEYYY! i didn't know about no R2V kitchen, but my neighbors did hear me yellin out the window that there's a new paper recycling drop off in the parking lot of Robert Poole Middle! (for those of us who live on certain alleys and don't get pick-up)


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