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Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Well, today is a special day.

There's this person in Hampden, and it's this person's birthday. Her name is Rachel, and she's a co-owner of Atomic Books, Pop, etc. Rachel doesn't like calling attention to herself, but don't let her demeanor fool you. She's a driving force behind HampdenFest. Plus, she cares deeply about Hampden, and her businesses are examples of what makes Hampden so great and special.

If you see her today, wish her well and tell her how much you love HampdenFest. Oh, and you might want to ask her if she'll model the plastic vampire teeth complete with gummi tongue that she got at her surprise party Saturday night. She'll say no, but you can ask.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous dirty trixie said...

hmmm....my friend said that on 1st Friday she also saw a bunch of the hampden teen-"gangsters" and a bunch of police cars on the avenue between Hickory and Falls. One side of the street had one kid bawling and several cops and the other side had like 5 or 6 other kids and more cops...surely these teeny-gangbangers aren't responsible for any big drug war....do tell me if you know, dear hawker


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