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Monday, December 17, 2007

Wanted: Public Utilitarian Art Made by Locals

This just in. . . Not being a visual artist, Hawker can't tell if this sounds like a good opportunity for local artists or a chance for the architect to do less work in the name of "community involvement." Hawker wishes it was simply a call for entries for public art to be installed at the site, but maybe Hawker's just a cynic. Comments are welcome.

Deadline: February 4 by 5pm (postmarked or hand delivered)
Location: The Rotunda, 711 West 40th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211
As part of an extensive redevelopment of the historic Rotunda in Baltimore, the developer, Hekemian & Co., Inc., is soliciting the submission of qualifications by area artists for participation in their Artist Collaboration Initiative. Hekemian, working with local architects Design Collective Inc., has re-envisioned the site, reorienting the existing retail towards the exterior and creating an opportunity for new public open space. The project will have a significant residential component of over 300 units while maintaining the historic former headquarters of Maryland Casualty Company as office space. The existing Giant grocery store will be relocated behind the existing building underground and beneath a new plaza, providing an opportunity for artisan involvement to create a range of outdoor public art and architectural details. Please refer to the project’s website for more information. The panel will select approximately 5 area artists for consideration by the developer for involvement in this project. These artists will be selected based on their demonstrated experience in producing lasting public artwork and performing on schedule and within budget. The selected artists will receive an honorarium of $2,500 with which to work with the design team to develop a concrete proposal and budget to present to the developer. Hekemian will then select one or more artists to participate in the redevelopment project and implement their proposal(s). While no specific sites have been identified as locations for artist involvement on the site, the majority of the opportunities for artists will be utilitarian in nature, with the potential for a large-scale piece of public art. Utilitarian items might include signage, metalwork, outdoor seating, tile work, and decorative paving. This RFQ is open to any professional artist who resides within Baltimore City or Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford and Howard Counties. Experience with public art projects is preferred. Applications will be evaluated based on 1) artistic quality of the work samples submitted, and 2) experience and demonstrated success with previous projects of this scale. Application Requirements: Letter of Interest: Specific project proposals or descriptions are not required. Images: Up to 20, on CD-ROM Label images as follows: Last Name, First Initial, and Number that corresponds with Image List. Image List: Include title, date, medium, dimensions, location of projects, and a brief description. Resume/ C.V. References: In connection with completed installations. Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope: Include sufficient postage for the return of slides. Mail or deliver application to Alfred W. Barry, III, AB Associates, 1 South Calvert Street, Suite 1150, Baltimore, MD 21202. For further information call 410.547.6900 or email ababalt@yahoo.com



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