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Monday, June 16, 2008

Want to put in your two cents about Honfest?

Anyone got something to say?

From hampdenfrank@gmail.com:

"I am planning on writing an article about Old Hampden vs New Hampden and what they think of the Honfest. John Waters has come out against Honfest and has voiced what many Hampden people have felt and said for years (link.)

Tell me what you think.
--Are you Old Hampden or New Hampden? [Were you born in Hampden or a Hampden-like area and/or do you connect more with new or old Hampden]
--Have you ever been to Honfest?
--What do you think of Honfest?
--Have you ever been to Cafe Hon?
--What do you think of Cafe Hon?
--What do you think of Denise Whiting?
--Do you think when Denise came to Hampden she welcomed Old Hampden?
--Do you have any stories you know of personally (that you would swear to in court) about Denise Whiting where she was either welcoming Old Hampden or where she was shunning or dismissing Old Hampden (if you know of a person who can corraborate a story you know of please have them call 410.350.9864 or email me)?
--Do you know what happened to Hampden's original festival-The May Fair?
--Is there any other info you thing would be important for me to know for this article?
--If you have written something and I quote what you have said, do you want me to use your name or would you rather remain anonymous?
--If you ahve any photos of May Fair and can access them digitally, I would appreciate it if you would send them to me.

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At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Michael Plitt Jr. said...

it's after the fact (five months as matter of fact) but I i'm from hampden! My granddad was a street urchin who raised nine kids on Hickory Ave. (below the ave.) My dad grew up running the streets getting into trouble and learning about life the hard way. My mom lived on Rectory Ln. as the daughter of a GM employee and a Catilyst retiree. My early memories included running around the avenue during the Hampden May Fair (maypole and all) as a six-year-old. My grandmom "gran" and "Pop" would have a table where they sold toys and tricks for the kids in the nieghborhood (poppers, stink bombs, etc). The fair was fun for me since it was one of the only chances I had to run the street with my cousins. My parents were in they're teens and still learning to be adults........


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