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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random "News" You Might Have Missed

Ok, and by random, dear readers, I mean random & I use the word "news" loosely. It's a slow news week for Hampden out there on the Internets.

1. A lovely photograph of the dining room of the much anticipated Woodberry Kitchen from Dining at Large. It's supposedly opening by the end of the month, but even their website doesn't offer an exact date. Also, Suzie's Soba puts the "charm" in Charm City and everyone's favorite hobby: bitching about the service at The Golden West!

2. Apparently, Hampden RULEX!!!!!!

3. Also on craigslist (remember, this is "news" people,) there's a fight over whether Fraizer's is a dump, full of gorgeous babes, the sight of the "I Know What You Did Last Summer: Hampden", or hated only by those who are from Canton (apparently a neighborhood free of dog feces.) WARNING: These links are NSFW. The latest in the Craig's List Frazier's battle is here.


At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the Frazier's stuff is KILLING me. Too funny. ah people on the internets.



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